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Colin Coomber is a London based Director of Photography and Camera Operator with over 10 years experience in the camera department.  Whether it’s drama, commercial, branded content or corporate, Colin approaches every project with a passion to make the most stunning images possible, no matter the size of the screen they are intended for.  Colin prides himself on using his knowledge of camera, lighting and grading to create unique custom looks, specifically tailored to and inspired by the needs of the story.  Even if what Colin shoots is destined for a grade, he's a firm believer in shooting projects in camera as much as possible.  This allows a grade to focus on perfecting instead of correcting footage, or providing a finished product when a grade isn't available. 

In addition to his work as a DoP and Operator, Colin also does technical consulting with production companies throughout the industry.  He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all technical aspects of production including 4K, anamorphic, high speed photography, time lapse, Log and RAW workflows as well as HDR.

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