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The Dam, Directed by Frode Gjerløw, sees a little girl tumble through her bed sheets into a theatrical fantasy world, where the powers of Fun and Dull wage war.  This was produced for Channel 4's Random Acts series and has since been accepted into Film Festivals in Nigeria, Berlin and is a finalist in the Shakespeare Film Festival. 

Frode was keen to have a separate and distinct look for the real and fantasy worlds in this piece.  For the fantasy world Colin and Frode wanted to achieve a classic Technicolor look, and the real world, a more naturalistic one.  The fantasy world was lit high key, with hard, warm light, exclusively with tungsten as it would have been in classic Hollywood.  Everything in the fantasy world was shot on tripod or track for precise dynamic vignettes.  In contrast the real world was lit with very natural soft light, and all the camera operation was hand held to emphasise realism.  A cool, muted look was also added to the real world in the grade to contrast the bright saturated look of the little girl's imagination.  Colin chose the Sony FS7 to shoot this piece for it's high speed capabilities, to create the slow motion battle scene.

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